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Wallet Types

Lite Wallet ( temporary wallet):

A person can obtain this type of wallet directly by dialing *212# and follow the instructions with incomplete KYC. The threshold of lite wallet is 2,000,000 million IQD for three months ( whichever comes first) . Lite wallet holder must transfer its wallet to Standard wallet after three months because the wallet will not working after three months.

Standard wallet:

A person can obtain standard wallet by visiting one of the AsiaHawal agents throughout Iraq after completion of registration procedures ( KYC). The threshold of Standard wallet is 2,000,000 Million IQD daily and 10,000,000 m IQD monthly. The wallet will be opened for unspecific time subject to the terms and conditions of the AsiaHawala.

Premium wallet:

It is the type of wallet that has been designed for employers, merchants, main dealers and high earners and VIP. The threshold of this type of wallets will be defined by the AsiaHawala on case by case basis in accordance with Central Bank instructions. This wallet can be obtained by visiting AsiaHawal shops only.



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Customer Care Phone: 220